April Already!?


I realize it’s been nearly four months since I last posted! What a whirlwind we’ve had over here. Between the holidays and welcoming a new baby in February, to say that our hands have been full has been an understatement!

Mockup3 Genevieve Mae arrived on February 10th and she has been a delight. She charms everyone that she comes in contact with and is doted on by her brothers. They’ve both taken turns wearing her in the baby carrier and love holding her, telling her stories and making her smile. Her favorite things are staring at the ceiling fan in our bedroom, naps in the bouncy seat or baby swing, and snuggles. Lots of snuggles. We’re getting 3 hour chunks of sleep at night, which I’m extremely grateful for.

As for designing, I have a few ideas up my sleeve but finding time to implement them has been proving difficult. I’m hoping in the coming months we’ll hit our stride and I’ll be sketching and creating in the capacity that I’m aiming for.

I have managed to rework an old illustration into a new calendar for this month! We’re having a very rainy final day of March, so hopefully the flowers and blossoms will cheer you up as well.

Download the phone background

Download the desktop background

Happy April!